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Companies looking for risk capital from business angels to realize their growth ambitions, can sign up. Focus is on the Chemical and Health sector: Chemical sector: Biobased Economy, Plastics, Coatings, (Smart-) Polymeren, Plastics (Moulding) production, Biopolymeres, Molecules, Seperation technology, Membranes, Lab innovations. Health sector: Life Sciences, Med-tech, Health IT, Food. For the chemical sector we have an exclusive co-oporation with our partner ChemieLink and for the Healthsector with EIT Health Netherlands/Belgium. After the application the proposition will be screened and in case of a possitive outcome there will be a introductory meeting and feedback. Screening criteria are:

  • Investment (from € 50.000,- to 1 Mio):
  • Quality of the team
  • Distintiveness and competitive edge of the product or service
  • (Expected) increase in turnover and revenues
  • Market potential and marketing strategy
  • Potential for value creation
  • Exit strategy

Download one-pager

Entrepreneurs can apply via the completed one-pager form optionally with additional information. The form can be downloaded as a Word file via the button above. After an initial screening and further contacty via phone or email, it will be decided if a further acquaintance is to the benefit of both parties. These steps are at no charge. Next step is an introductory meeting. During this meeting we will look further into the investment proposition and explain how the business angels market works.

When during the follow-up the investment proposition is further developped and optimized, it will be introduced to investors in the network of Business Angels Connect. In most cases this introduction implies the opportunity for the entrepreneur to present the proposition during an investors meeting. In addition we can in consultation introduce to indivitual investors.

The application fee, including introductory meeting and coaching for developping and optimizing the investment propostion, is € 500,- (excl. VAT).  If this results in a deal there is a 2% succes fee (excl. VAT) of the investment.
More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions that are applicable to our services. Optionally we can offer additional support regarding finance or legal.

For companies related to the partners of  ChemieLink there is a reduced application fee. This can be specified in the one-pager.