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Our approach

In order to achieve a successful match with investors, the following steps are taken with entrepreneurs:

  1. Starting from a one-pager or business plan summary, we make an initial screening.
  2. If the outcome is positive, you will be invited for an introductory meeting in which we will give feedback and assess the feasibility to interest investors.
  3. We will work together to develop the investment proposition.In doing so, we will also look at subsidies and other funding options that can serve as leverage for private investments.
  4. We organize the actual introduction to investors during investor meetings and also facilitate direct contacts. In doing so, we assist the entrepreneurs to be optimally prepared.
  5. We advise you in the follow-up process towards the agreement and can mediate.

Download one-pager>> After the first step, we determine what support is needed to achieve the result aimed for. Before starting we make clear what the costs will be. These consist of a basic fee and a success fee if a deal is eventually made. In a number of cases it is possible to have these costs (partly) covered by subsidy schemes. If possible, we will arrange that for you. More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions that are applicable to our services. Optionally we can offer additional support regarding finance or legal.