Your Next Funding

For companies in packaging innovation

Your Next Funding is the program for financing innovation and growth offered in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging. With ‘Your Next Funding’ we offer tools and information that put your company in a good position to secure the necessary funding. Think of grants and private investments in different growth phases of your company. The program consists of several parts where expertise is brought together around specific themes. Events are organized for innovators and investors, as well as 1-on-1 sessions with experts specifically for your company.  You can follow the entire program, but you can also register for individual parts that are relevant for the phase your company is in.

Program for funding innovation and growth

Grant Flashes

These online sessions take place every other month. Within the multitude of subsidies, several schemes can be considered ‘low hanging fruit’. During this session, the spotlight is on schemes that are open and easy accessible. Check the KIDV agenda to sign up for the next Subsidy flash.

Feedback on funding

These 1-on-1 conversations take place online each month. After an intake with a grant expert and an expert on private investment, you will receive a customized overview of funding options specific to your business. Click here to sign up for the next calls.

Funding and investor readiness workshops

In 2022, together with KIDV, we offer a number of workshops each with a different focus. Check the agenda to register for the next workshop. During the workshops, investors will be present to share as many practical experiences as possible.

What makes your company interesting for investors? – During this workshop you will learn, among other things: What is a good investment proposition and how do I turn it into a pitch? What is the right moment and what can I expect from an investor?

Meet the investors – During this workshop investors will present themselves to you. Who are they, in which companies do they invest and what are their key success factors?

Crowd funding platforms – During this workshop you will find out how crowd funding works, what the advantages and disadvantages are and when it is an option.

Am I ready for an investor? – During this workshop we will focus on the necessary preparations to start talking to potential investors. We will cover the following components: pitch, introduction, valuation, term sheet, negotiation and deal closing.

Grants overview

The KIDV publishes an annual inventory of subsidy schemes for innovative, sustainable packaging concepts. These schemes offer the business community enormous potential to tap into funding for innovative projects. The criteria that innovation projects must meet to qualify for the relevant subsidy and how they can be applied for are listed for approximately sixty schemes. The inventory is updated annually. Click here for the latest version.

Feedback on funding

Schedule your video call

Available timeslots

During 1-on-1 session experts from Business Angels Connect will explore funding opportunities with you that the company could benefit from. We will look at opportunities for support schemes and you will receive initial feedback on the chances of finding funding from private investors.

Upcoming events

Workshop Funding from a private investor

January 25 – Den Haag

Join if you want to find out if funding via a private investor could be a suitable option for your company. Learn from a private investor about his approach and what he looks for in a company. Check out the program here. You have the opportunity to pitch your company to get constructive feedback from a panel. Registrate via the KIDV website.

Grants flash

February 17 – online

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