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“Connecting Health, Chemical and Tech companies to Business Angel investors”

Business Angels Connect is a  business angels network focussed on Chemical, Life Sciences, Med-tech, IT and Food companies. We facilitate dealflow and dealflow management for Business angels. Special focus is on companies that are linked to universities, academic hospitals and business accelerators.

Via Business Angels Connect are introduced to promising companies. Emphasis is on quality of the investment propositions offered. Also business angels can benefit from mutual contacts, colloboration and knowledge sharing. Participating business angels have access to the platform and services of Business Angels Connect.  On top of that Business Angels Connect supports entrepreneurs with promising plans realizing their ambitions by helping them to define a feasible proposition for angel investors.

Business Angels Connect cooporates exclusive with the Dutch Topsector Chemical and Topsector Agri-Food. Via them we are connected to the 44 Centers of Chemical Innovation (COCI’s) and Innovation Labs (Ilabs) and Agro-food Field labs. Via our Local Leadership within EIT Health Be/NL we are connected to the academic Accelerators in the Health sector in the Netherlands.

We work exclusivly together with Angel Funding Germany to have connections with the German Angelmarket. We are member of Business Angels Europe Club where we facilitate the international dealflow with Champions League” Business Angels networks within the EU.