Looking for an investor?

If you are looking for funding to spur the growth of your company, you might consider to get a business angel on board. Business Angels Connect offers extensive experience in successfully realizing funding from private investors. Business angels in general invest up to € 1 million per company. We see mostly amounts between € 100k and € 400k. In addition they contribute with their knowledge and network, which gives the company an extra impulse for growth. In return, business angels ask for an equity stake in the company.

We guide entrepreneurs towards financing

We help startups and growth companies to find the right match with angel investors. You can benefit from our large reach among investors and our extensive experience. We are also internationally connected to strategic alliances in the angel community.

Our support focuses on bringing the entrepreneur(s) in a good starting position and to connect to investors. To this end, we work together to further develop and optimize the investment proposition. We then arrange the introduction to potentially interested investors.


What makes your company interesting for investors

Are you active in Chemistry, Bio-based, Health or Agri-Food and are you looking for growth capital in the range of € 100k to € 1 Mio, then we would like to get in touch. We look especially at:

  • The competitive strength of the product or service
  • What has been achieved so far
  • The team
  • The potential for sustainable revenue and profitable growth
  • The opportunity for value creation in the company

The questions you should ask yourself as an entrepreneur are:

  • Can I get part of the investment from the bank?
  • To what extent am I prepared to handover a stake in the company to an investor?
  • Do I realize that an investor also wants to be involved in the business operations?
  • Is my business plan in a stage where I can enter the capital market?

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