Business Angels

What is Business angel investing?

For the start-up or growth of a company capital is a necessity. There are essentially two categories of capital available: venture capital and bank loans or secured loans. The bigger the risks involved, the lower the willingness of suppliers of debt equity will be. To have access to risk capital for these companies is essential for achieving growth. Business angels can provide them risk capital. Besides venture capital they give access to their expertise and contacts giving the company an extra boost for growth.

Business angels act individually or joined in syndicates. These syndicates give the Business angel the possibility to better balance risks and share insights. Also more knowledge and of course funding can be fueled into the venture.

Are you a (novice) Business angel?

A Business angel is an enterpreneurial person willing to invest part of the capital available in several promising companies. In addition to risk capital the business angel provides expertise, knowledge and contacts.

You are able to further motivate the entrepreneur from a coaching perspective to achieve success. It is important for you that there is a “click” with the entrepreneur and you enjoy your investment. You have enough time available to assist the entrepreneur where needed. The financial risks involved don’t bring you sleepness nights.

You can find more information in the section Joining Business Angels Connect.

Business angel investing is an activity where substantial risks are involved. We therefore recommend to invest only a limited portion of your assets in such a way. We also advise you strongly to benefit from the experience and expertise of others (experienced Business angels, consultants). Whe can also be of help there.